18th International Conference on

Pathology & Cancer Epidemiology

Theme: Dedicated to Discovery. Committed to Pathology

Event Date & Time

Event Location

Rome, Italy

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Previous Conference Performers / Professionals From Around The Globe

Conference Speaker

Mahmoud A Khalifa

University of Minnesota

Conference Speaker

Adrian M Padurean

NeoGenomics Laboratories, Fort Myers

Conference Speaker

Sergey V Suchkov

Sechenov University

Conference Speaker

Liang Cheng

Indiana University School of Medicine

Conference Speaker

Anna Dunnigan

Milton Keynes University Hospital

Conference Speaker

Jochen W U Fries

University Hospital of Cologne

Conference Speaker

Sreekala Sreehari

NMC Healthcare

Conference Speaker

Aishwarya Sitaram

K J Somaiya Medical College and Research Centre

Conference Speaker

Arnav Kr Roy Choudhury

Adesh Institute of Medical Sciences & Research

Conference Speaker

Leon P Bignold

University of Adelaide

Conference Speaker

Maria Amparo Lopez Ruiz

CEU Cardenal Herrera University

Conference Speaker

Walaa Abdulrazzak Felemban

King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital
Saudi Arabia

Tracks & Key Topics

Pathology 2019

Pathology 2019

Pathology 2019 Conference unites with plenty of networking opportunities to interact with renowned speakers and researchers which will enhance your professional cognizance.

Pathology 2019 welcomes Scientists, Physicians, Students, Researchers, Industries, Professors related to Pathology, Societies, Lab technicians and Associations related to Pathology, Delegates, Students and Business Professionals to be a part of the Congress across the world.

After the successful accomplishment of our Seventeenth International Conference on Pathology & Cancer Epidemiology on October 08-09, 2018 in Edinburgh, Scotland.  We are glad to welcome you at our new destination Rome, Italy from October 21-22, 2019 for our upcoming Event on 18th International Conference on Pathology & Cancer Epidemiology Conference organized by EuroScicon Pte Ltd. (Pathology 2019).

The Significance of Pathology was defined as the research and study in knowledge of disease contrast with its function. Pathology stands as a key role in the field of Medicine and holds up the strong evidence of Pathology to interrelate with Biological Science.

Pathology stands as one of the major branches in Medical field. The Development of Pathology has a significant appeal to Modern Medicine and techniques in diagnosing diseases and treatment.

Pathology is a branch of study which includes research and diagnosis of a disease if it is produced due to pathogens or other physiological conditions. The word Pathology is originated from Greek where patho means ‘suffering’ and logy means ‘the study of '.

Who should attend Pathology 2019?

Pathology 2019 Conference will exhibit the services of organizations like Pathology Laboratories, Manufacturers, Diagnostic Laboratories, and Clinical Departments & Equipment Manufacturers.

Many of the experts like practicing Pathologist, Professionals interested in advanced and latest techniques of Medical field. Some of the target audience is Pharmaceutical Researchers, Pathologists, Doctors, and Practicing Physicians, Graduate students, Scientists, Professors & experts related to Industrial & Academic sectors.

Companies in lead with Pathology Services:

Why Attend Pathology 2019

The aim of Pathology 2019 is to discuss various advanced technologies of diagnosis, research based on the development and future of Pathology. The Experts and Sudents in the field of Medicine across the world will discuss the upcoming and on-going techniques of treatment and trending procedures of Pathology.

Pathology 2019 is a platform for global experts, International Professors, Speakers & Delegates to explore their cognizance in the arena of Pathology.

Quick insights of the conference:

  • Professional professors & Students from Academic who are in the field of Research, Medical and Clinical research, Pathologists, Clinical Geneticist, Specialists, Therapists, Cytogenetic Diagnostics & Researchers Specialized in Pathology.
  • Participants to acquire case reports, upcoming Techniques & diagnosis.
  • Deans of Medical Institutions and Pharma Companies.
  • Symposiums with Sponsors & Speakers
  • Delegates, Directors / Managers, Business Experts & Departmental Managers, Sponsors & Exhibitors.
  • Advanced Network opportunities to interact with both Academic & Business professionals.

Pathology Market Overview

The worldwide Pathology showcase is divided dependent on items, type, application, end client, and geology. In view of item, it is ordered into scanners, programming, correspondence frameworks, stockpiling frameworks, instruments, consumables, and administrations. In light of sort, it is separated into human pathology and creature Pathology. Based on application, it is ordered into sickness determination, teleconsultation, sedate revelation and improvement, preparing and instruction, and others.
Pathology is a part of medicinal research that includes the investigation of the reason, starting point, and nature of an ailment by inspecting the body liquids, organ, and tissues. It decides the real condition of the sickness to choose the course of treatment of various infection.
The Pathology Market is anticipated to gain about USD 22 billion roughly in the term of the estimate time frame. The offers and prerequisite for worldwide Pathology Market are sudden to end up raised for the accompanying six years.

Key Players for Global Pathology Market:

The imperative contenders molding the market of Pathology are Agilent Technologies, Oxford Cancer Biomarkers, Abbott Diagnostics, Danaher, Roche Diagnostics, Abcam, Janssen Diagnostic, Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Agendia, Thermo Fisher Scientific, SAKURA FINETEK USA, Tecan, Angsana Molecular and Diagnostics Laboratory, AutoGenomics, Monogram Biosciences, Biocartis, Nucleix, CellMax Life, Biocare Medical, AdnaGen, Cancer Genetics, Digipath, Enzo Biochem, Epic Sciences, Omnyx, RareCyte, and VolitionRx.
The Pathology Market is likewise all around prepared to address the difficulties and stay aware of the dynamic development inclines adequately.
The system for development designs likewise has invigorated the market for potential new participants. The modifications found as far as procedure usage and creation are adjusting the advancement pace of the market.
Market Study Report includes 2018-2023 worldwide Pathology advertise report that offers a comprehensive inclusion of the business with brief investigation, information outlines, and figures, insights that assistance take business choices, organization profiles.
Vendors discussed about with Organization profiles, subtle elements on their contributions, contact data and more include: Leica Biosystems, Ventana Medical Systems, Hamamatsu Photonics, 3DHISTECH, Philips, Apollo Enterprise Imaging, XIFIN, Visiopharm

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A huge thanks to all our amazing partners. We couldn’t have a conference without you!

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A huge thanks to all our amazing partners. We couldn’t have a conference without you!