The study of diseases in nervous system tissues is Neuropathology. It is a sub specialty of anatomic pathology, neurosurgery and nervous system science.

Neuropathology is the investigation of ailment of sensory framework tissue, as a rule as either careful biopsies or whole-body analyzations. In numerous countries, neuropathology is considered a subfield of anatomical pathology. A doctor who spends significant time in neuropathology, usually after the completion of an anatomical or general pathology is known as a neuropathologist. It ought not be mixed up for neuropathy, which suggests clutters of the nerves themselves.

In clinical practice, a neuropathologist is an expert for different doctors. In the nervous system if the diseases are suspected the analysis can't be made by less invasive methods, a biopsy of nervous system is usually taken from the spinal cord or brain to aid in diagnosis. Biopsy id usually done when the mass id recognized by medical imaging. Biopsy is typically asked for after a mass is recognized by restorative imaging. With autopsies examinations, the primary work of the neuropathologist is to help in the post-mortem diagnosis of different conditions that influence the CNS (central nervous system) Biopsies can likewise comprise of the skin.