Plant Pathology

Plant Pathology or Phytopathology is the study of plant and their pathogens, how plant health and disease are influenced by factors like weather, plant nutrition and microorganisms. Different organisms that causes infectious disease are Fungi, viroid’s, bacteria, nematodes, etc. It involves the study of plant and pathogens at the genetic biochemical, physiological, cellular, population, and community levels. Plant Pathology also involves the study of pathogen identification, disease etiology, disease cycles, economic impact, plant disease epidemiology, plant disease resistance, how plant diseases affect humans and animals, pathosystem genetics, and management of plant diseases.

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  • Transmission of Plant Viruses
  • Translation of Plant viral proteins
  • Plant genetic resistance to viruses
  • Plant virus diversity and evolution
  • Phytoplasma and Nematodes
  • Plant virus-vector interactions
  • Plant Diseases Epidemiology
  • Disease etiology
  • Pathosystem genetics
  • Plant disease resistance
  • Pathogen identification