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The World Pathology Week 2019 is a platform where anyone can participate their views and have live interaction with global experts to expand/flourish his or her knowledge in the arena of Pathology. WORLD PATHOLOGY WEEK 2019 will be held at Tokyo, Japan during June 19-20, 2019. World Pathology Week 2018 unites Pathologists, Professors, Assistant Professors, Adjunct Professors, Directors, Deans, Scientists, Medical Students etc from all over world experts both from Industry & Academia working in various sub domains of Pathology Hurry Up Register Now & book your slots. To Register PS:
The 2019 ASIP Annual Meeting includes symposia and workshops communicating cutting edge science and translational research, commingled with educational and professional development sessions appealing to trainees and junior faculty. Reflecting the ASIP membership, there will be a strong emphasis on neoplasia, liver pathobiology, neuropathology, gene expression, inflammation, immunopathology, vascular biology, endothelial and epithelial cell biology, and fundamental cell biology.