Gynaecological Pathology, Reproductive Pathology & Uropathology

Gynecologic pathology is the medical pathology sub specialty which deals with the study & diagnosis of the female genital tract. A doctor who practices gynecologic pathology is a gynecologic pathologist.

Specimens includes vulva, cervix, statistic nodal disease, uterus, vagina, fallopian tubes and ovaries. This administration is offered for practicing pathologists desire to handle difficult cases, and also for gynecologists and patients needing a second supposition.

The Reproductive Pathology is the study of reproductive system of the body. Ovarian & testicular pathology focuses on neoplasm. The testicular tumors are gotten from germ cells and ovarian tumors are gotten from epithelial cells. In penis and the cervix, the squamous carcinoma is caused by HPV. There are three pathologic process kind prostatic hyperplasia, prostatic adenocarcinoma. & intense prostatitis.

Uropathology is the investigation of pathology which manages the Urinary tract or urinary framework. It is likewise termed as Urology. Different organs like Kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder and urethra are associated with the production and discharge of urine. The kidneys work by delivering urine to wipe out the fluid waste from the body. Kidney stones can be formed due to the imbalance elimination of acid salts and minerals in the urine.