Diagnostics Pathology

Diagnostic Pathology is the Pathology that considers research in surgical and Clinical Pathology, Immunology, and biology, Diagnostic Pathology provides an integrative journal for Molecular Pathology, virtual and Digital Pathology. It depicts a wide number of laboratory tests. In this pathology tissues are studied which is collected from the body and is diagnosed or analysed under microscope. Cells of the cervix after a pap smear to check for confirmation of growth or infection. Skin Tissue is collected on a biopsy to check Skin diseases. 

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  • Diagnostic cytopathology
  • Diagnostic Histopathology
  • Diagnostic Pathology of infectious Diseases
  • Diagnostic Pathology & Molecular Genetics
  • Immunohistology & Diagnostic Pathology
  • Genitourinary & Diagnostic Pathology